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Bowex® GT curved- tooth gear coupling with split sleeve

Our representative KTR has recently launched a new coupling system: Bowex® GT. It allows an easy disassembly due to its split sleeve and is specifically suitable to compensate for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignment. It is mainly used in the pump industry.


  • Double-cardanic operating principle for high displacements
  • Sleeve separated horizontally for easy handling.
  • CFK sleeve for high power density.
  • No production of sparks in case of damage of the coupling sleeve.
  • Maintenance-free operation.
  • Long-lasting material combination nylon-steel.
  • Use of BoWex hubs of the standard programme.

Free from forces = carefree

The double-cardanic operating principle of the BoWex curved-tooth gear coupling reduces the restoring forces in the shaft. Both with radial or axial displacement the bearings and seals are not additionally loaded with restoring forces from the coupling which has a positive influence on the service life of all components. This reduces the maintenance effort and improves the balance of the life cycle costs of the pump sustainably.

Benefits with the new BoWex GT

– Compensating for up to 0,95mm radial displacement compared to 0,3mm with single-cardanic systems.

– Ease of maintenance:

  • No motion of the motor for replacement of the sleeve necessary.
  • For maintenance merely 4 small screws need to be unscrewed.
  • Wear-optimized material combination.
  • No lubrication of the coupling spline necessary.

– Rated torque TKN = 120Nm and maximum torque TKmax = 240Nm

– Maximum bore of dmax = 38mm

– Reducing the life cycle cost.

– KTR provieds a certificate of compliance for existing pump systems:

  • Retrofitting of existing pump systems without any problems.
  • Re-certification not necessary.
  • Direct benefits for customers b the new BoWex GT coupling system.